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Justified Sealcoating & Infrared Repairs is a small family owned and operated pavement maintenance business.  Our primary focus is the repair and maintenance of asphalt. Fueled by our commitment to excellence, we go the extra mile to make sure clients are completely satisfied with our work. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

Pothole Repair

The Pothole Repair process is unlike any other asphalt repair service you have ever seen. We offer a new Hot-In-Place recycling repair system that lowers your cost, minimizes on-site disruption and provides permanent repairs year round!


A Seamless and Permanent Repair at Every Stop. Justified is equipped to perform seamless, permanent repairs efficiently and with minimal waste. We are equipped with an infrared machine that heats the existing asphalt in and around the repair area to over 300 degrees. The softened base asphalt is removed and new virgin asphalt, which is kept at plant temperature in our hot box, is added. The result is a thermo-bonded, permanent repair with no cold joints.


There are many benefits to sealcoating the asphalt to your driveway or parking lot. Think of sealcoating more of as a preventative maintenance for your diveway or parking lot, similar to how you paint your home to keep the weather from deteriorating the wood.


Parking lot lines striping is a fast, easy way to make your property look great while saving money. Striping parking lot lines allows for proper traffic flow and a safer parking environment. We offer re-striping and new striping layouts with ADA compliance, fire code and building code requirements.

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