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Jeff did a great job on our driveway! We had a few problem areas and several deep cracks that were becoming increasingly worse over time. Jeff used infrared machine, crack filler and seal coated it and it looks fabulous! Prices are reasonable and he is easy to work with. Would definitely recommend!

Southampton, NJ

I got multiple bids for my paving project that were all budget breakers. I had Jeff come out and he brainstormed with me an idea that would take my parking lot to the next level. Not only that it cost me less! Jeff was very direct that if I had any issues his company stands by his work.
Really thorough hard working local company, that cares & you can tell.

Medford, NJ

Jeff does amazing work. I have always been a big fan of using small family companies. So i decided to give Jeff a call to have my driveway ripped up and replaced. He could have just done it, gotten payed, and been on his way. But instead of spending thousands of dollars he told me he could fix my pot holes, then seal coat over the driveway for fraction of cost instead of thousands to replace. My driveway looks like it is brand new. I am so glad I called Justified. It is really nice to find a business owner in today's day in age that is honest and doesn't take advantage of people. Thanks Jeff!


Medford, NJ

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